CATA Services


CATABUS service includes two groups of routes:

Community Service (formerly Centre Line) consists of 23 different community bus routes which provide service between Downtown State College, the Penn State Campus, the borough of Bellefonte, the village of Pleasant Gap, suburban shopping centers, apartment complexes, residential areas, governmental offices, and many other special points of interest. Click here for more information on the service area, fare options and the service calendar.

Campus Service which is the Loop and Link service.that provides fare-free campus/downtown circulator and cross-campus shuttle service. The service consists of four integrated routes. The Blue and White Loops provide the circulator service around the Penn State Campus and Downtown State College, running via clockwise via College Avenue and counter-clockwise via Beaver Avenue respectively. The Red Link runs back and forth across campus between Innovation Park and West Campus (White Course Apartments) via Curtin Road and Park Avenue. The Green Link provides additional service along that same route but just in the more heavily traveled portion between the Stadium parking lots and Atherton Street . Click here for more information on the service area and the service calendar.


CATACOMMUTE is a family of CATA services that includes RideShare, Vanpool, and Emergency Ride Home programs. These programs are designed to assist long distance commuters find a shared ride with someone who travels at the same time and to a relatively close destination. The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program provides a ride home for those in rideshare arrangements when the need arises, taking the fear out of being stranded. . Click here to learn more


CATARIDE (formerly Centre Ride) provides curb-to-curb transportation for senior citizens and people whose disabilities prevent their use of the CATABUS system. Click here to learn more.

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