CATABUS - Campus Service

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This no-fare service is possible
because of a partnership between the
Pennsylvania State University and the
Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) through Penn State Transportation Services.

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The LOOP and LINK service provides fare-free campus/downtown circulator and cross-campus shuttle service. The service consists of four integrated routes. The Blue and White Loops provide the circulator service around the Penn State Campus and Downtown State College, running clockwise via College Avenue and counter-clockwise via Beaver Avenue respectively. The Red Link runs back and forth across campus between Innovation Park and West Campus (White Course Apartments) via Curtin Road and Park Avenue. The Green Link provides additional service along that same route but just in the more heavily traveled portion between the Stadium parking lots and Atherton Street .

Service area and schedule: The service area is limited to campus and the immediate downtown area. Use the links on the left under Campus Service to view the map and schedule for each route. Since the Loop and Link operate so frequently, the schedule only shows the frequency of service. Since the Red Link operates the least frequent, a Red Link timetable is available showing scheduled departure times from key locations (timed stops) along the route. Live estimated departure times from every stop including actual Loop and Link bus locations is available by using the CATABUS Locator or any of the CATA Real-Time apps or mobile options.

Service Calendar: Both Community Service and Campus Service have two different levels of service: Full Service and Reduced Service; there are also days during the year of No Service. In general, the CAMPUS Service operates on the Full Service schedule whenever Penn State Fall and Spring Semesters are in session. It operates on the Reduced Service schedule when the Fall or Spring semesters are not in session but campus is still open (most employees still working). There is No Service whenever semester is not in session and campus is not open (most employees not working). The specific dates for each are included in the schedules along with the CATABUS Service Calendar.

Fare options: There is no fare required for the CATABUS Campus Loop and Link service.

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