Community Engagement Plan

The Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) acknowledges that public participation is an integral part of the transportation planning process, and welcomes feedback, comments and suggestions from its customers and the general public.

It is CATA’s practice to solicit ongoing public input through the following means:

  • Regular and Special Board of Directors Meetings

The CATA Board of Directors holds monthly meetings at 4:00 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month in the State College Borough Municipal Building.  Each meeting is open to the public and includes a time to receive public comment at the beginning of the meeting, unless otherwise determined by the presiding officer. Additional meetings take place as special board meetings or work sessions, which also include an opportunity for public comment.

The dates of the regular board meetings are advertised in print in the Centre Daily Times each January, and are posted on the CATA website; additional meetings are publicized in the Centre Daily Times, at the Customer Service Center, and on the CATA website.

  • Annual Community Input Meeting

An annual community input meeting (formerly referred to as a public hearing) is held in February, in conjunction with the monthly board of directors meeting in the State College Borough Municipal Building (a fully-accessible location with bus service), in order to solicit and receive comments and requests for service, and input on proposed service changes. When appropriate, additional community input meetings may also be held in February at different locations within the CATA service area and at different times of day.   

The annual community input meeting will be advertised through the legal notices section of the Centre Daily Times, published at least two weeks prior to the date of the hearing.  It will also be advertised through a press release, posters in CATA vehicles and in the Customer Service Center, the CATA website and social media announcements, in the CATAlog monthly e-newsletter and CATA’s LEP organization list. Display ads in the local print media may also be used if deemed appropriate.

  • Comments & Suggestions Brochures

Comment & Suggestions brochures are available on CATA’s buses, and may be mailed or dropped off at the Customer Service Center.

  • CATA’s Customer Service Center

CATA’s Customer Service Center accepts comments and suggestions during business hours via telephone, email, and in person.

  • Social Media

Input and comments may be submitted by the public on any of CATA’s social media platforms.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

CATA conducts, through a third party vendor, customer satisfaction surveys every three years, as required by PennDOT.  These surveys are randomly distributed on-board routes, and are available on the CATA website.  Additional monthly and/or quarterly surveys are conducted and distributed via the CATA website, CATA’s mobile myStop app, and social media.

CATA further conducts semi-monthly online surveys on timely topics and discussions, via its website and Facebook and Twitter social media platforms.

  • CATARIDE Public Outreach Meetings

CATA holds public involvement meetings annually for its CATARIDE service, which are open to the general public and advertised to a list of stakeholder groups in the local human service community.

  • Coordination with CCMPO

The Centre County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO) follows a Public Participation Plan which requires that proposed plans and programs be made available for public review during a thirty-day comment period. The CCMPO also holds a public hearing during the comment period in an effort to facilitate citizen involvement.  CATA often piggy-backs on to this process to gather public comment.

  • Public Hearings

Public hearings, presided over by the chair of the board or his/her designee, are held when necessary and specifically when:

      A fare increase is proposed; and/or

      Service reductions affecting 25% or more of the route mileage of a particular route, or 25% or more of the number of daily trips serving a particular area are proposed

See CATA’s Public Hearing Policy for additional information on these meetings.


Comments and suggestions that are received through the means noted above (with the exception of materials received through strategic plan development and surveys) are subsequently recorded into the CATA call log and assigned to staff for follow-up as appropriate.  Responses to surveys are compiled and shared with applicable staff, and responses placed into the call log for follow-up as appropriate.

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